Yoga Teacher Training: Luna Rhythms – March 2020

Diana Sampson
Sunday 1st – Saturday 28th March 2020


Unique programme

We are delighted to welcome Diana and her Luna Rhythms Yoga Teacher Training  to House of Light as our first Yoga Teacher Training programme of 2020. Diana’s intuitive system connects seekers back to a deeper connection with themselves, and the world around them. It is guided by the daily cycles of the moon, and the rhythms of nature, which brings a depth of connection and deep awareness to the frequencies of each day. Classes reflect a unique day to day understanding of the luna movements, and the seasonal shifts.

“We have chosen House of Light as an incredible location steeped in atmosphere, and able to see uninterrupted views of the moon, through her phases.”

Diana Sampson

House of Light Orgiva

What’s it all about?

The teacher training package is a month long dive into the luna cycle and yogic practices that support each day. This allows exploration of a full luna cycle together.

Following the training you will be able to go out into the world and share the Luna Rhythms teachings, alongside your own yoga style and begin an incredible journey of sharing your heart with the world, through the techniques and luna knowledge you will have acquired.

There will be five modules:

>New moon<>Waxing moon<>Full moon<>Waning moon<>Dark moon<

Each module reveals the moon zodiac, which affects different parts of the body as it goes through each sign. Learning encompasses the asanas, pranayamas, philosophy, meditations, mudras and mantras that work best for each sign and phase.

The training explores the five phases of the moon, and the themes that can be used to enhance our connection to this life at this time, here on earth.

House of Light orgiva

In each module, students will learn how to teach the different practices. They will have step by step guidance on teaching simple yogic techniques with the Luna knowledge, ensuring a grounded foundation as the basis of their (developing) yoga career. This will lead up to the last module, where students create and teach a full class to the group, in preparation to step into a new life as a teacher that will make a difference to themselves, their loved ones, their community and the future generations that lie before them.


This is a newly pioneered, certified programme, and the first of its kind in the world.

At the end of the Teacher Training a New Moon Luna Rhythms Yoga Teacher Training accreditation will be given to those who successfully complete the course. A new path will lie before them, the magic waiting to unfold.

About your host

Diana Sampson

House of Light OrgivaLike many yogi’s, Diana’s passion for the ancient path of yoga sprung out of an injury on a physical level. A debilitating back problem brought her to a yoga class, and immediately something awoke! The breath opened her up to something so familiar; a feeling of home and she knew she had to have yoga in my life everyday. Three years later she joined the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training diploma course, and began her initiation into becoming a yoga teacher. She began teaching in 2006 and founded Luna Rhythms Yoga the year after. After studying the ancient texts of India, Diana  began to wonder what was happening in her own land around the same time, five thousand years earlier. This enquiry lead her to a norse coven in England, where she studied and practiced for thirteen years, learning the path of the ancient ones, of ancestors, who practiced through earth based traditions with ceremony and ritual to celebrate the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Celebrating Mother Earth and giving thanks for the bounty she provides, Diana discovered that the Nordic and Celtic traditions have many similarities to the yogic path, and so she decided to create a system that incorporates both. Luna Rhythms Yoga combines the classical and tantric traditions of yoga, with an understanding and celebration of the seasons, through ceremony, ritual and a weaving together of the different themes of the seasons, to enhance the yoga experience. A deep understanding of the cycles of the moon, in all her phases, and days and how each day, with luna knowledge, can affect the practice and bring subtle and profound benefits to our lives. How working together with the moon, can help bring balance, and healing. Working with Natures energies, rather than forcing ourselves against nature out of our total disconnect. Diana believe that living in harmony, connection and reverence to Mother Earth, the Moon, the seasons and walking side by side with Nature, our greatest Guru, in unity, love and peace for the benefit of all, and for all future generations of this planet, is now vital.  She invites you to join the Luna Rhythms Yoga Tribe and be part of the solution for a thriving world.

Retreat Details

1st – 28th March 2020

Full price £5775

Special launch discount of £800 for all places booked by 13th October 2019.

A £500 deposit secures your place. The remaining balance can be paid in one, two or six instalments.


  • Exclusive use of the retreat centre for the group supported by a dedicated team.
  • High-quality accommodation
  • Gorgeous, thoughtfully designed vegetarian menus.
  • Use of all facilities and yoga equipment including Manduka mats and other props to support best practice.
  • Evenings around the fire pit!
  • The opportunity to explore a really beautiful part of Southern Spain; close to stunning nature, a gorgeous coastline (under an hour away) and destinations such as the ancient Moorish city of Granada. (the cost of excursions are extra but worth it!)
  • The chance to train, practice and connect with like-minded yogis with potential for great friendships!

Not included: 

  • Flights/travel, airport transfer to venue. The closest airports are Granada and Malaga.
    Transfer information and support is available.  
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extras such as individual therapies and experiences
  • Group excursions
  • Additional transportation

Booking Information

All booking and payment via Luna Rhythms website.

See more on our the House of Light Facebook Event page about this retreat and for updates.

The schedule is subject to change in order to best meet the needs of the group.

**This information was first created and shared on the Luna Rhythms website**


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