Kalindi Jordan – 1st – 7th June 2020

This intimacy and sexual healing retreat is a journey to explore the power of your sexual energy as a creative force within you.

What’s it all about?

Kalindi Jordan, House of Light, Orgiva


In this busy world, our heart intelligence can get knocked off course and lost in the ‘noise’ of life.

It is so important to take time to tune in and listen to her wise words. Our hearts have a deeper wisdom beyond our wildest dreams. The capacity to sit in the centre of your being in love, is real.

This week is designed to open our inner journey to that centre, and the seat within her.

Wild is the untamed nature of your being that has been held hostage by your beliefs and fears. This can keep your experience of yourself and your energy small. Do you long to step into the wild abandon of love, the ocean of carefree knowing and sweet surrender? Is this how you want to feel in friendships, with your family, with nature and your lover?



“When I was dreaming up this retreat, I started getting ecstatic chills running up and down my body. Everything was a yes yes yes! Time to fall into your inner wisdom and insight. To create a field of energetic magnificence, which can carry the change we are each looking for. To unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition and self nourishment.”


Sensual Journey

During our 6 days and nights together we will be going on a journey, riding on the waves of our sensual and sexual life force.

We will open the body daily with yoga focused on pelvic toning, alignment and relaxation. This creates the perfect foundation for sexual energy to grow, to be activated, to heal the body, to enlighten the senses and the mind.

Throughout the week we will be discover deeper layers through:

  • Yoni yoga with Yoni eggs.
  • Self empowerment and journey inwards, using the art of shamanic trance dance and ecstatic movement to shed and awaken being.
  • Cervical activations that awaken your ability to take your sexual energy to connect with the inner lovers embrace.
  • Find the tangible dance within you of the lover and the loved, making love together.
  • Celebrate the female body in all her shapes and forms. This frees us from any inhibitions that we have about our own body, the way we look and feel. Through the week, this creates an energetic detox.
  • Celebration ritual for the uniting of woman, liberating ourselves from competition and comparison.
  • Allowing our voices to open to our highest calling, sounding from the heart.
  • We will learn practices that can be taken into your daily live on your return home that will keep your sexual vibrancy alive.



Woven within this weeks tapestry will be time to relax and bask in the sunshine. Lots of fun and playfulness with like-minded sensual women. Delicious and wholesome vegetarian food. A day trip hiking in the mountains. Indoor and outdoor shaded yoga studios. Meditation temple. Sun and moon bathing in the beautiful saltwater pool.



About your host

Kalindi is a teacher of intimacy and sexual healing. She facilitates and offers: courses, 1:1 sessions for individual women and couples and group retreats for women and couples, around the healing and deepening of our sexual vibrancy and joy.

Kalindi Jordan, House of Light, OrgivaKalindi flowed from being a very shy child to an adventure seeking teenager, mother, emotionally broken woman, unsafe in her body, to the woman she is today. Full of vibrance, love, inner confidence and a passion to share.

“I love the simple and subtleties of life. I love being grounded and practical as well as delving deep into mysteries. If I am taught something, or told something, I want to find out what it does for myself, especially before I teach it with others.”

Kalindi has been a qualified body worker in a variety of modalities since 1993.  Training in breath work, rebirthing, trauma support, anatomy and physiology, feminine presence and a qualified coach. She has created forms of support from her own journey and gathered wisdom from thousands of hours of private sessions. Having been brought up by a science minded family, she loves the relationship between intellect, body anatomy, mind psychology, science, logic, esoteric energy systems, the intuitive mind and the wildness of not knowing anything!

Between the ages of 18 and 22, Kalindi lived within a meditation based kundalini alchemy community. Through devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and two decades of exploring her and others’ energy systems she gained a deep understanding of the human energy system including a deep understanding of human psychology and sexual nature. She incorporates wisdom from the paths of Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, devotion, voice, bodywork, psychology and being present with life as it unfolds in the moment.

“I have a vision of a world that is connected within vibrancy, honest communication and the sweet depth of exquisite unity. To allow our natural life force of sensual, fertile and creative nature to help define our human choices.”

Retreat Details

What’s included:

  • Full accommodation in a luxurious shared twin room

**House of Light hosts five bedrooms along with three yurt rooms.  Yurt rooms have access to the in-house bathrooms as well as outdoor compostable toilets and outdoor showers.**

  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • All tuition, techniques, meditations, recordings
  • All the joy, transformation, fun and depth of release you can take yourself on….
  • A 1 hour after care session online with Kalindi

What’s not included:

  • Airfare
  • Transfer to/from the centre – we can assist with suggestions
  • Travel Insurance
  • A choice of optional therapy sessions during the retreat
  • Other optional activities

£899 – Super Early Bird Price if a deposit of £200 paid before 31st Dec

£1100 – Early bird Price Before 31st Jan 2020

£1175 – full price

Payment plan options available