Fiji McAlpine – Friday 11th – Tuesday 15th October 2019

A 4 day yoga retreat with the renowned yogi, Fiji McAlpine, who is coming from Canada to offer her teaching here in Spain, at House of Light.

House of Light, Orgiva
What’s it all about?

The intention of this retreat is to create an opportunity to reconnect with what is real, and who we are.
The asana practice offers us a powerful set of tools to reunite the mind with what is real and true. Focusing in on details of sensation, purposeful and precise movement, we become more grounded in the present and remove ourselves from living in the imagined. Only here can we ever be present enough to settle back into our true self.

Your Host

House of Light, Orgiva

Fiji McAlpine is one of the founding yoga teachers featured on the website, an internationally-renown site offering quality yoga instruction, for free, to users around the world.  Her online popularity has grown significantly over the years, giving her global reach in the online platform, and has allowed her to offer frequent guidance to thousands of students each week.  In addition to the online offerings, Fiji teaches in local studios and leads worldwide retreats and workshops each year.

Her strong vinyasa-based practice is derived from the extensive, diverse training she started in 2001, when her yoga love-affair began. Initially, her main focus was based on Ashtanga and the Jivamukti school of thought.  Her focus has since evolved to incorporate many other limbs of yoga, which is why her practice is so diverse. Her teaching has been greatly enhanced over the years by her constant curiosity and willingness to learn and apply new information.

Peter Sterios, a friend and mentor to Fiji, has helped shape her approach to practicing and teaching yoga, offering the important idea of a sustainable practice.

Her intention as a teacher is to offer a practice that invites us to be the constant gardener on our mat.  Through dedicated effort and regular practice we can begin to cultivate more of what we want in life and in our world. Fiji reminds students often that we are constantly changing as time passes, as we grow and learn.  Yoga offers us an opportunity to be present and active as those changes take place and to be conscious participants in our own evolution.  “Every movement on your mat matters, make it precise so it on purpose and for a purpose.”  Her classes are the ultimate dress rehearsal for life, essential perspectives, and ways of being that we practice time and again so that we are prepared to do it right when it really matters.  If our practice can help all of our thoughts, words, and actions come from a place of center  then it will truly help the world shift in the right direction.

“When I think of Fiji as an instructor-Power, Grace, Empowerment-come to mind. She is a cueing Queen, sequences with ease, and inspires deep release through breath work and movement. If you are looking for a yoga instructor that helps you to meet and know your edge, and build inner and physical strength, Fiji will not disappoint.” Moyra Bell


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