Manjula Xenia Graziano and Adrian Wynter
Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April 2019

House of Light Orgiva, Learning Love

Human connections – A Learning Love Retreat

Happy, healthy relationships are, for most of us, a challenge to create. In our love lives, with our parents, with our kids, friends or at work, we all find ourselves triggered at times and this can be a source of great pain.

It can happen that we don’t feel accepted, seen, listened to, or loved. This can create in us a sense of feeling unworthy or unlovable. From that space, instead of going to the person to share how we feel; to talk about what is right for us, or not and what we need, we start to withdraw – to fight, to manipulate or to play the role of the “good” boy or girl. We start to play what we call “power games”.

What’s it all about?

What we don’t realise, is that these difficulties can also be the key to self knowledge and greater creativity. But it can take time and courage to connect to a new level of openness and vulnerability that allows this learning. Then more time to develop and tune into new kinds of communication and intuitive skills to put it into practice.

In this three day Learning Love workshop, we will explore the reasons why so many of us struggle with relationships and we will practice tools from the renowned Learning Love method to help us find what we
really need in life.

This Learning Love Retreat will use a combination of:
– Guided meditation
– Body awareness
– Experiential exercises
– Open sharing
– Dance

Your Hosts

Manjula Xenia Graziano
As soon as Manjula met meditation she began a journey; a therapeutic path of inner growth that led her to feel her heart and essence. This led her to share her personal experience, intuition and knowledge by refining her learning and supporting others.  Teaching in both Italian and English, Manjula is a certified Learning Love Institute Teacher, Operator in Prenatal and Birth Therapy School, Operator in SE® – Somatic Experiencing®., Trainer in Training of Focusing, 2nd Level of Reiki.

Adrian Wynter
Adrian is the Co-Founder and Director of House of Light. His life long interest in human relationships and what makes them tick, took a deeper turn over the last twelve years. This awoke in him a passion to create and physically build House of Light; an inspiring space dedicated to those who teach, and those who are drawn to practise deep self enquiry. He is a certified therapist with the Learning Love Institute.

Retreat Details and Booking

Workshop price: €315
This includes delicious vegetarian food.

This *does not* include accommodation.
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