We were blessed to host globally renowned astrologer Kaypacha at House of Light in May 2019, alongide Gongmaster Dolph, for a beautiful Opening the Chakras Retreat combining astrology, sound and yoga.

Wow. Everyone had a powerful experience that week! There was laughter, tears, connection and a deep emotional drop-in to the sacred space and unique spiritual alchemy created by Kaypacha and Dolph.

“House of Light was a delight from the moment I arrived. Its grounded beauty, phenomenal hosts who opened their heart space for us to find out hearts. We have lived in such a gentle, yet adult space with nature and delicious food feeding us to work within to find our own truths. Exquisite, seamless and so, so beautiful. It’s magical here.”

Afterwards, House of Light co-founder, Adrian, was able to have a chat with Kaypacha about the retreat and other subjects close to his heart, namely love, life and the universe; why he loved it here in Spain with us, why retreats are such a special experience, his path to where he is now and some sharing around what lies ahead, both for him and New Paradigm Astrology, and astrologically, for the rest of us in the year ahead!

Fascinating, insightful, funny, wise and engaging. We invite you to take a few minutes to watch and enjoy.

Thank you Kayapacha for a wonderfully transformational week for all involved.



Testimonials from the retreat

“For me the highlights of the venue are – all of it! The fact that every little details is perfect and filled with love. There are lots of spaces to be alone, or to gather in small groups. the peacefulness and love you can feel immediately from the space all who work and live here is amazing. The views and the pool are the icing on the cake.”

“My experience here has been transformational, informative and fun. It has totally exceeded all my expectations and I’ve been on a lot of retreats!”

“My time at House of Light has been wonderful, beauty filled and restorative. The aesthetics, the warmth, the hospitality of the ‘family’ and team, the gardens, the tranquility has all been amazing. The food is nourishing for body and soul, I felt so well cared for.”

“My experience at House of Light was peaceful, grounding, inspiring, restful and fun! The venue offers spaciousness, yet a safe held space. The beauty in the details the view, the mountains, colours, plants, nature and the sound of water were all highlights.”