Manjula is a certified Learning Love Institute Teacher, Operator in Prenatal and Birth Therapy School, Operator in SE® – Somatic Experiencing®., Trainer in Training of Focusing, 2nd Level of Reiki.

She will be co-hosting the Discovering Love within the Turmoil of Life retreat with House of Light co-founder and Director, Adrian Wynter from Friday 26th-Sunday 28th April 2019.

Can you tell us more about your personal journey and what has led you to Learning Love?

I arrived at the Learning Love work in a period of my life where I was feeling that in a way I was living a life that it wasn’t really mine. That most of my choices where coming from a space of fear and need to fit or have a sense of belonging to something. I couldn’t really enjoy anything and I always had this feeling of loneliness even if I was surrounded with friends and had many things to do.

It was 2008 when I did my first two groups with Krish and Amana, founders of the Learning Love Institute. I had attended other groups before, in Miasto, an Osho commune in Italy. When I read in the Miasto’s brochure about Krish and Amana’s work, I could see myself in almost everything that they were describing. So I decided to book for both groups: then called co-dependency 1 and 2.

As soon as I met them and saw the work that they were sharing, I immediately felt a sense of “This is it, I have found what I really need and I’m looking for”.

I started to follow them and also assisted them for many years. At the beginning, this was only for myself, but later after the first part of my Learning Love training in 2011, I felt that this is actually something that I want also to share in my life with other people.

This is as a result of the transformation and healing that happened inside me and still happening now. I feel very clearly that this is my passion. What I really want to do is work with people to share this.

So in 2012, I began my training with them to become a teacher of their work. Before, I was studying law and my idea was to become a judge!

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What IS Learning Love? Is it a method of healing? An approach to learning? A way of life? How would you explain it to someone that has never heard of it?

Learning Love for me, is totally, a way of living, It offers a great opportunity and tools, to learn how to relate to ourself and to others from a space of presence, love and acceptance; to learn to respond and take action in our life, instead of simply reacting.

What I found very important for me, that also allowed me to open myself to receive what I was hearing, experiencing and feeling in the groups and in the individual sessions, was that Krish and Amana were present and very accepting in giving me time and space, needed to go deeper in myself. Then I was able to bring it in my own life, at my own time. There was no pressure or any agenda or goal to achieve, and this is what I feel that this work is about.

This way of receiving from them, is the way that I want to share it with others.

What Learning Love can give to a person, is the capacity to be gentle with our own self and to start to live a life based on our deepest longing and desire, to connect with our vulnerability and become friends with it, to create more intimate and real relationships.

We can learn to create and live a life that is truly fulfilling us.



What does ‘love’ look and feel like to you? 

“Love is a feeling of warmth, expansion, acceptance and welcoming in the heart. For me love, it’s like a delicate flower that we need to nourish and take care of. By learning to create more space for ourself, to enjoy the things that we like to do and to spend time in our life with the people that are resonate with us and that vibrate with our heart. To give value to ourself.”

Love can also mean putting limits and saying no to a situation or to a certain behaviour or to a person that doesn’t resonate with us. When we say no to someone or something, we are actually saying yes to ourself. This is love for both sides; us and the other.

What would you say to someone who wants to do more to heal themselves, but finds the prospect of sharing in a circle or group, completely intimidating?

First of all, I completely understand that it can be scary to go and expose yourself in a group. We are not used to sharing and showing ourself from a vulnerable space in front of others. Actually our conditioning is exactly the opposite. We need to perform and show what is consider the best of us. That it’s not ok to talk about your private life or your family to other people, especially if you don’t know them. So I will say that if you feel the desire to transform something in your life and you are open to experience something new, like a group where everybody is willing to create and keep safety in the field, this can actually be an amazing support in the process of opening up.

The process of coming out of potential shame around being seen from other people for what you are, instead of what you do. The group can help us to get out of isolation and also teach us how to relate in a new more real way; from a space of vulnerability and openness.

How do people know when they have met the right retreat guide or leader? 

For each one of us it is different. Many times we have to experience different people before we hear inside of us something that makes us saying : “This is it, I found it!”. This person can help you start to feel safe enough to open and share yourself, they can support you with his or her presence. Personally for me, it’s also that you need to feel that what the facilitator is talking about, comes from a space of personal experience and processing, not only from knowledge. I like to say “talking with the guts and the heart” or as my teachers Krish and Amana are saying to us “walking the talk”.

Why is the retreat environment important?

The environment for me is one of the most important things to consider in a retreat. This because we need to feel safe and supported in order to allowed ourself to open up. Many of us have experienced time within an environment that wasn’t safe and we don’t want to recreate the same painful situation. The opposite in fact. A safe space is a crucial component that helps to heal a possible wound around this specific thing, that for many people is like an imprint.

What makes House of Light special? 

House of Light is a special place because of the external beauty of the building and the amazing nature that it’s surrounding the place. Not only that though; it is the added value of the attention and heart that Adrian and Ceri put inside and outside the place. House of Light is coming from a vision a desire of Adrian and Ceri and that makes a huge difference, it makes the place truly special.


They created it in a conscious way, investing huge energy and love by taking care of what is needed to make a place and space safe. Not only in the group room, but also outside the group room. This awareness is coming from their own life experiences and for the main intention of giving to the people not only just a physical environment, but a welcoming energy field where the people can arrive and feel that they are supported on every level and they can nourish themselves.

For me, House of Light is exactly reflecting the name that they pick, a house where you can allowed yourself to let your light come out and where you can also receive light.

If you would like to find out more about Learning Love and details of the very special offer that is currently available for this retreat, for a very limited time and for limited numbers, please email today.