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An invitation to…

  • find a quiet state of being that can be accessed anywhere
  • experiences that have a lasting effect
  • raise consciousness, increase awareness and experience compassion
  • make life richer by learning about yourself
  • encourage intimacy with oneself, others and life
  • quiet the busy mind, journey within, come to peace
  • a safe, held space in which to explore your inner world
  • beautiful and tranquil surroundings in which to transform
  • an inspirational setting, reflecting contemplation and a quiet centre
  • truly nourish and revitalise body and soul

What our clients say

Wonderful course in marvellous surroundings. Feeling light and motivated and inspired. Thank you.
Lesley Craig, Spain

3 days well spent. Thank you all for this experience. Looking forward to more. Beautiful space with great hosts!

Olivia Greuber, Spain

Great venue, friendly folk. Perfect setting for any event. Our course (NADA) was amazing.

Bob Manning, Spain

…beautiful in every way…very comfortable bed…pure and wholesome food…a home from home, a safe and caring space.

Ann-Marie Donagher, Spain

…wonderful food, the place is beautiful and the views are stunning! I felt very safe and taken care of.

Rebecca Faro, Spain

Outstanding! Such detail in the planning…[Food] flavours & colours amazed me. Tasty and fulfilling, portions just right…
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jayne Lucas
[Accommodation & Facilities] All gorgeous![Food] Unbelievably outstanding every single day!
Such a beautiful location to have the most perfect rejuvenating retreat.


Adrian & Ceri have created a gorgeous, comfortable haven in which to completely relax. The whole week has been outstanding!

[Room] comfortable & clean. [Workshop space] inviting & calming – lots of light and air.